David O. Russell Leaves Uncharted

Another director has left a high profile project today. First it was Albert Hughes who left Akira and now, in news that will surely have no one shedding a tear, director David O. Russell has left UnchartedVariety reports that the director has decided to depart due to creative differences. There weren’t many other details but assuming he was also writing the script, it’s likely that’s where the conflict stemmed from.

I guess the big question on everyone’s mind is whether Mark Wahlberg will leave with him. Which is something fans are crossing their fingers for. There was a lot of outrage when he was first announced to star. If he leaves, maybe fan favourite Nathan Fillion will get the chance to take the role. Who knows?

The other big question is what Sony will do with the script? Will they scrap Russell’s script and start fresh? Or keep it? If they do scrap it, we’ll likely get a film that is a lot closer to the videogame, once again making fans happy.

So maybe this is all for the best. New star, new script, new director, maybe Uncharted fans have something to look forward to after all.