David Schwimmer Intends To Adapt The Jungle

David Schwimmer, who will probably be known as Ross Gellar from Friends until the end of days, is pursuing an adaptation of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. In an interview with Empire, Schwimmer announced has intentions to adapt the film in a much more character-driven manner.

Sinclair’s classic novel put an early spotlight on the meatpacking industry, focusing on Chicago’s meat packing district and its horrific conditions. The Jungle inadvertently led to the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration and is still read by many cautious eaters and animal lovers today.

Not only is The Jungle filled with incredibly heavy material, but also it was written in the early 1900’s, probably making the hypothetical film a period piece.

Schwimmer’s directorial resume thus far includes Run, Fatboy, Run, a comedy starring Simon Pegg, and Trust, a serious and well received drama. The Jungle seems like a far leap from each of these, but Schwimmer certainly has some experience.

A known liberal, perhaps David Schwimmer aims to shed some more light on the modern meat industry by dusting off an old classic.

The book was originally written to demonstrate the exploitation of immigrant workers, and it ended up representing that and much more. A contemporary adaptation of the film could surely relate to the same topics.

What do you think? Would The Jungle still hold relevance in today’s society?

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