New Day Of The Dead: Bloodline Poster References Romero’s 1985 Original


Thanks to Bloody Disgusting, we now have a brand new, retro-styled poster for Hèctor Hernández Vicens’ Day of the Dead: Bloodline. As you can see in the gallery down below, it shows off Johnathon Schaech’s character Max, a half human and half zombie inspired by Bub from the 1985 original, and also uses the font from that film, too, giving it a rather old school vibe.

It’s a slick piece of art, all things considered, which only makes it all the more unfortunate that this seems to be yet another pointless remake. Perhaps if it was made with a reason, like bringing George A. Romero’s original script to life, which was cut for budgetary reasons in the 80s, I could understand the need for this project to exist. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Instead, this is the third or so interpretation of the 1985 classic, following a remake and something of a sequel entitled Day of the Dead 2: Contagion. From the looks of it, it’ll likely wind up as forgettable as those have, further bogging down the franchise’s name to bargain bin status.

Still, in honor of George A. Romero’s legacy, I hope the film does well. After all, it’s going to have his name plastered over everything. At the very least, we should be in for some gory, R-rated violence, which might be mildly entertaining. Or not? Right now, it’s hard to say, given that we still haven’t seen much of it.

In terms of plot, Day of the Dead: Bloodline is set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world where a former med school student is tormented by a dark figure from her past. The only thing is, he’s a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her world.

Hitting cinemas, VOD and Digital HD on January 5th, 2018, the pic stars Sophie Skelton, Johnathon Schaech, Marcus Vanco, Jeff Gum, Lorina Kamburova, Nick Loeb, Rachel O’Meara, Debbie Sherman, Luke Cousins, Nathan Cooper, Lillian Blankenship and Cristina Serafini.