DC Creator Says Zack Snyder Was Not Fired From Justice League


The Justice League fallout has been fast, furious and, at times, difficult to examine from afar.

But if there’s one thing we do know for sure, it’s that Zack Snyder departed the film midway through production, allowing Joss Whedon (The Avengers) to shepherd Warner Bros.’ blockbuster over the finish line. Back then, we weren’t told very much about the change-up, only that Snyder was taking time off to deal with a family tragedy, leaving the Powers That Be with little choice but to hire a new director in the midst of filming.

Of course, Whedon’s sudden appointment led to a series of extensive reshoots – which ultimately damaged Justice League – and while it was reported a few months ago that Snyder was actually fired from the pic after his initial cut was deemed “unwatchable,” we’re now learning that he stepped down on his own accord. That’s according to Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Comics, who says that to his knowledge, there was no firing and Zack simply left to handle that aforementioned family tragedy.

Where the truth ultimately lies here is hard to say, but you have to imagine that Lee has a pretty good idea of what went down behind the scenes. Then again, there’s been more than one report that points to the studio letting Snyder go after he submitted that first cut and butted heads with them over several aspects of Justice League, so who knows?

Either way, looking ahead, next up for the DC Extended Universe is the release of Aquaman on December 21st, and in the spirit of injecting some much-needed fresh blood into Warner’s ailing franchise, Arthur Curry’s solo flick is coming by way of James Wan, Hollywood’s recognized authority on all things horror.

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