DC diehards debate who James Gunn should give theatrical debut next

Justice League
Image via Warner Bros.

Right now, James Gunn has a tough task ahead of him. After his time in the MCU comes to a close for the foreseeable future, he will be steering the DCU in a new direction beyond its chaotic past and present. Several people have ideas, some things are uncertain and, for fans, there are a number of hopes for just what exactly the white-haired wonder will end up authorizing.

A new post on Reddit — sporting images of Green Arrow, Booster Gold, Static Shock, Zatanna, and Nightwing — invites fans to explain what they would greenlight first if they were Gunn, and it’s burning up. While there are those in support of and in opposition to each, one user argues Gunn will pull a misdirection with any new content.

Another points out that several of these characters have appeared in one form or another already in live-action. In their view, this means Static Shock would be the best to showcase, and, if done right, he would be the most under-utilized franchise goldmine.

At a different point in the conversation, a different user goes beyond the initial question and instead maps out how each figure should be introduced. For them, every figure has merit, they just need to come out to the public in a certain planned process.

Nothing is on track for these characters at this time. Different movies have been bandied about only to be canceled and others remain in development or only the subject of rumors. However, if a certain immigrant from beyond the stars can make a screen return in Black Adam, anything is possible for the future, but, fans will have to of course wait and be patient before they can see.