DC Fanboys Trying To Sabotage Black Panther Get The Ban Hammer


Day by day, we’re slowly beginning to realize that there’s never been a comic book movie quite like Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther.

Imbued with all the majesty and regalness one would expect from a T’Challa solo film, Black Panther has already wowed critics with its incredible world-building and nuanced villain – expect the full, long-form reviews to be online by Tuesday, February 6th – so it’s small wonder why the Coogler-directed spinoff was deemed to be the most-anticipated superhero flick of 2018. After Avengers: Infinity War, of course.

But it would seem that not everyone is looking forward to the movie. As we reported on last night, there’s a small group of DC fanboys who are planning on sabotaging Marvel Studios’ upcoming effort by making sure it has a poor audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and, perhaps even worse, spreading spoilers to ruin the experience for others. It’s an admittedly ludicrous and absurd plan, and as people caught wind of it, the backlash begun.

Apparently, a number of smart individuals decided to report this group on Facebook and now, the social media giant has brought down the ban hammer on them, removing their page and hopefully, getting rid of these clowns for good. Of course, they could just make a new page, or get together on another social media platform, but it’s still nice to see the internet striking back against them. After all, these are the same folks who were responsible for sabotaging The Last Jedi‘s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, too.

Anyways, circling back to Black Panther, it’s currently being championed as one of the most important superhero movies in years – decades, even – and we’ll be able to see if it can live up to those sky-high expectations on February 16th, by which point we’ll be able to pore over the very first trailer for Deadpool 2 as well.