DC Fans Are Freaking Out Over First Look At The Flash

the flash

Ezra Miller was at least upfront and honest about The Flash not being far enough along in post-production to give DC FanDome viewers the gift of a trailer or even a teaser, but that doesn’t mean the snippet of footage we got hasn’t sent the internet into meltdown.

The clip doesn’t offer up a lot of plot details other than the ominous intonation that Barry Allen has somehow managed to change the past and the future, and it’s all building to the big reveal of Michael Keaton as Batman. Sadly, we only catch a glimpse of the veteran Caped Crusader from the back, and there’s no sign of Ben Affleck, but fans didn’t seem to mind.

As you can see from the reactions below, a mere hint of what’s to come in The Flash has been enough to get the movie trending almost immediately.

November 2022 feels like a lifetime away now, but the silver lining is that we should reasonably expect a full-length trailer for The Flash to come attached to The Batman, but even then we’re talking five months. However, DCEU enthusiasts will no doubt find themselves re-watching the footage over and over again now that appetites have officially been whetted for the multiversal superhero blockbuster.