DC Fans Want Ben Affleck To Direct A Batman Beyond Movie With Michael Keaton


You have to feel bad for Ben Affleck. After winning the Best Picture Oscar for Argo, he was offered the role of Batman. While his career as a director was skyrocketing, no actor can turn down the opportunity to play the Dark Knight. And despite the constant whining from the annoying Batfleck crowd, folks were still pretty excited to see Big Ben in the role.

Then Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice received a critical mauling, followed by Justice League‘s troubled production and endless reshoots, which was eventually capped off by a stint in rehab for the actor and finally, him resigning from the role ahead of The Batman going into production.

After all that, Affleck would be forgiven for never wanting to look at anything DC-related again, but apparently, he’s still interested in directing a movie for the company, despite walking away from playing the Caped Crusader. Whether that’ll happen or not, we can’t say, but the fans have already put forth an excellent idea: have him helm a Batman Beyond film starring Michael Keaton.

Of course, this is far from the first time that the internet has demanded a Batman Beyond movie and frankly, it’s crazy that it hasn’t happened yet. An animated effort was rumored to be in the works a while back, but we really need a live-action take and Affleck and Keaton would undoubtedly be a dynamite team to bring this project to life.

Whether it’ll ever come to fruition or not, we can’t say, but Warner Bros. would be wise to at least consider it. Yes, it certainly stings a bit that we’ll never see Batfleck on the big screen again, especially since there were some brief moments in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that showed what a solo Affleck/Batman movie might have looked like, but we’d say that getting him to direct Michael Keaton in a live-action Batman Beyond film would definitely help heal the wound.