DC Fans Thank Ben Affleck For His Time As Batman

Batman Knightmare

Yesterday, the axe finally fell on Ben Affleck’s term as Batman. We’ve been discussing whether or not he’d return to the cape and cowl for more than a year now, with the actor’s spell in an addiction treatment centre and Warner Bros.’ apparent preference for a younger take on the character in Matt Reeves’ The Batman not exactly boding well.

Still, for fans of Affleck, there was always hope, especially when he was spotted looking back in shape and seen chatting to Warner Bros. executives. But, with a tweet last night explaining that he’s looking forward to Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, it became the final confirmation that he’s moving on from Gotham City.

It’s safe to say his tenure as Batman attracted as much criticism as it did praise. I think Ben Affleck could have been an all-time great in the part, but sadly, he was saddled with a pair of movies (and a brief cameo in Suicide Squad) that didn’t allow him to shine. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had its moments (particularly that warehouse fight), but half the film being focused on Superman meant that we never really got to know this iteration of Bats. And Justice League? Well, let’s not get into that.

Anyways, to mark his departure, fans online have been busy posting tributes to Affleck, and here’s a selection of some of the best:

So, what’s next for Batman? Well, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Warner Bros. and DC will follow through with their plans to make Reeves’ film about the hero in the early years of his career. After all, the DCEU’s Dark Knight has clearly had a busy life by the time we meet him in Batman V Superman and there’s a lot to flesh about him. Plus, it allows them to maintain a basic DCEU continuity without retconning what’s come before.

What I’d like though is if Warner Bros. decided that the route they’ve taken with Todd Phillips’ Joker should be used for Batman. Let’s see some talented directors given a chance to put their mark on the hero in films unburdened by continuity and cinematic universes.

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