DC Producer Teases New Justice League Movie, But Not For Several Years

Justice League DCEU

While Marvel has served up four Avengers movies over the past decade, we’ve only had two Justice League releases over the same period – and really they’re just two versions of the same film. DC fans are eager for another team-up of the world’s finest heroes, then, but it sounds like Warner Bros. is focusing on solo pictures for the while and another Jl isn’t happening anytime soon. However, it might materialize in a few years’ time.

Veteran producer Charles Roven chatted with The Hollywood Reporter to promote The Suicide Squad and he was asked which upcoming projects he’s attached to. He revealed that he’s not necessarily involved with most of the DCEU flicks in the works, however he will have a hand in the next Justice League, which he believes won’t be here for “a number of years”.

“Probably another Justice League, although I think that’s a number of years away.”

Roven didn’t have any more to say on the matter apart from that, which leaves fans to wonder whether “another Justice League” would be a sequel to Zack Snyder’s original or else a reboot. It’s fair to say, though, that the odds are that it’ll be the latter. If a follow-up isn’t in active development at this time then it’s most likely that WB is thinking of hitting the reset button on the team at some point later down the line.

It’s ironic that we live in a world where we’ve only got two cuts of the same Justice League movie but there are now two distinct Suicide Squad films. While David Ayer’s 2016 effort was criticised for some of the same problems as JL, mainly stemming from studio interference, the sequel is receiving rave reviews. And that’s all thanks to WB letting James Gunn do his own thing. Clearly, the studio needs to hand similar trust to whoever’s brave enough to helm the second Justice League, whenever that eventually gets here.