DCEU Artist Claims Justice League Theatrical Cut Isn’t The Story Snyder Wanted To Tell


DCEU storyboard artist Jay Oliva is someone with vast amounts of experience in Warner’s comic book playground, so when he begins discussing the fabled Snyder Cut, it’s worth standing up and paying attention.

For one, Jay Oliva, who was credited on both Batman V Superman and Justice League, is very much of the belief that the Zack Snyder cut exists, as outlining a storyboard in advance gels with the director’s M.O. on Man of Steel and the aforementioned Dawn of Justice.

The takeaway? Prior to his sudden departure from the project, Snyder would’ve had a firm outline of Justice League already in place, leading Oliva to claim that the film’s theatrical cut doesn’t represent the story that the director intended to tell. Here’s what the artist-director told Revenge of the Fans:

That’s what the whole movement is about. It’s not about finishing the film it’s about showing the fans of Zack’s universe established in MoS and BvS the more accurate representation of where the story was supposed to go.

This assertion from Oliva chimes with the ‘Release the Snyder Cut’ campaign in that a fair portion of DC’s fanbase believe the Justice League shown in theaters is markedly different from the one that Snyder cut together – hence the incessant calls to release the director’s version before it was altered by Joss Whedon.

Be that as it may, Jay Oliva recently went on record to debunk the claims that Zack Snyder has spent the past seven months finishing his Justice League cut – perhaps to coincide with Warner’s SDCC showcase in two weeks’ time. So even if Snyder plans to revisit his incomplete DC epic, there’s a good chance he’s working under his production company, Cruel and Unusual Films.