Superman Was Always Going To Have A Big Role In Justice League’s Final Act


While we’ve undoubtedly become accustomed to Zack Snyder playing the role of spoiler regarding the purging of his DCEU, storyboard artist Jay Oliva has proven to be quite the veritable treasure trove of information himself as of late. Earlier this weekend, Oliva, who’s served in the art department on every single entry in the franchise up until this point, singlehandedly corroborated most of the lore apropos of a Justice League director’s cut.

For an encore, he then confirmed he was the man behind Superman and his lacklustre freeze breath, depicted in the climax of Justice League, and that Snyder did intend to utilize the ability in his version. Now, Oliva’s dropped another bombshell, this time regarding the moustache that sent the web into a tizzy.

Amongst the many, many detriments levelled against Justice League upon release, almost all reference the atrocious CGI used to remove the facial hair from Henry Cavill (Superman) digitally, which he had grown and was stipulated to keep throughout production on Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Seeing as the powers that be opted to wipe the moustache from Cavill’s face artificially, it’s led Twitter user @Aaron_Slightly to believe that Kal-El “wasn’t meant to be that involved with the final battle in the original cut.”

Well, according to Oliva, as you can see in his response below, that just isn’t true.

As for the extent the Man of Steel was to be used, Jay did not specify. However – as referenced above – given that Oliva did mention earlier today that the iffy icy expiration was included in the concept art he created for the Snyder cut, it seems the son of Jor-El was always scheduled to have a significant impact on the outcome of Justice League.

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