DC’s Geoff Johns Teases Superman’s Role In Justice League


At long last, the DC Extended Universe has an unequivocal hit on its hands thanks to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. The director delivered a financial and critical success for WB, giving the franchise a much needed win and shining an optimistic and hopeful light on future entries. And speaking of future DCEU films, Justice League is the one that’s got everyone’s attention right now, and rightfully so.

As great as it was to have Wonder Woman be a smash hit, it’ll all be for naught if Zack Snyder’s upcoming blockbuster fails to deliver. It’s really his movie that the whole franchise hinges on and if it’s a dud, the success of Jenkins’ effort will be wiped from fans’ minds, setting the studio back to an even worse position than the one they were in before the Gal Gadot-led film released. In short, if Justice League fails, the DCEU is in big, big trouble.

Warner Bros. has been keeping a tight lid on the project so far, especially when it comes to the Man of Steel and all things related to his resurrection. Though the Big Boy Blue Scout met his maker at the end of Batman V Superman, we already know that he’ll be back for Justice League – we just don’t know how he’ll return or what role he’ll play. For instance, will he be resurrected at the start of the movie, or simply show up right near the end to set up his appearance in future films?

Right now, we really have no idea, but if DC head honcho Geoff Johns is to be believed, Supes may be a fairly big presence in Justice League. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Johns replied to a Tweet linking to an article about the Man of Steel’s best DCEU moments, saying that the outlet should “get ready” to revise their list.

Cryptic though the Tweet may be, it’s still exciting to think about what Snyder and co. have planned for Superman in Justice League. Of course, given that Johns is heavily involved with the film, seeing him hyping it up like this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but with how secretive the studio’s been with the Man of Steel so far, we don’t doubt that they’ve got big things in store for him.

One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough, as Justice League‘s November 17th release date is quickly approaching.

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