The Most Deadly Day Of The Year Is Here With Seven New Posters For The Purge: Anarchy

Film Title: The Purge: Anarchy

Though the first chapter in The Purge franchise didn’t really make much of its futuristic premise, in which the sinister New Founding Fathers of America have allotted 12 hours out of the year wherein all crime is legal, The Purge: Anarchy looks like a real step up from its predecessor. Following a group of individuals trapped in a city on Purge Night, it’s filled with creepy characters and, if the trailers are any indication, some truly bone-chilling twists.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what returning writer-director James DeMonaco has in store for this outing, and this new set of posters for the film, many accompanied by the creepy tagline “United We Purge,” only has me more excited.

Frank Grillo, Zoë Soul, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez and Michael K. Williams star in The Purge: Anarchy. Intriguingly, Edwin Hodge, who played Bloody Stranger in the first Purge, has a supporting role this time around, and seeing as this second installment is set on the same Purge Night as the first, here’s hoping we’ll get to see just how that character ended up getting hunted by a malevolent group of prep-schoolers.

It’s almost a shame that Universal didn’t seek to release The Purge: Anarchy over the July 4th weekend (though that may have stirred up more controversy than the studio was willing to court), but we’ll get to see the film soon enough. It’s set to open on July 18th.

Check out the official synopsis for the movie, along with the posters, below:

The New Founders of America invite you to celebrate your annual right to Purge. The Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to summer 2013’s sleeper hit that opened to No. 1 at the box-office, sees the return of writer/director James DeMonaco to craft the next terrifying chapter of dutiful citizens preparing for their country’s yearly 12 hours of anarchy.

Source: Collider