Go Behind The Scenes Of Deadpool 2 With New HD Shots


If one was to describe the Merc With a Mouth’s second coming in a single phrase, it’d probably be ‘bat-shit insane.’

Headed up by director David Leitch, Deadpool 2 was a whip-smart expansion of Wade Wilson’s first solo adventure in that it poked fun at just about every comic book movie convention under the sun. All of this leaves the door ajar for Drew Goddard and his team to deliver a zany, rip-roaring team-up film with X-Force, and those of you who have already seen Deadpool 2 will know the ways in which Leitch’s sequel tees up the Merc’s next outing.

Speaking of which, if you’ve already laid eyes on Deadpool 2, and you want to know a little more about the creative process behind the sequel’s biggest moments, CBM has today uncovered a gallery of HD action shots designed to take you behind the scenes.

For all of the film’s success, though, Deadpool 2 is by no means perfect, and it’s decision to kill off [redacted] and carve out a cameo for [spoilers] have proved somewhat contentious among the Merc’s impassioned fanbase. And David Leitch? He’s already gone on record to trace his own journey to Deadpool’s second coming, and it makes for interesting reading for fans of Atomic Blonde and John Wick.

Currently at $520M and counting, Deadpool 2 is expected to add another $20M to its domestic total this coming weekend, when it’ll play second fiddle to Solo: A Star Wars Story, given Ron Howard’s anthology pic is said to be targeting a $60M haul.

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