Deadpool 2 Cast Reveals If Their Characters Would’ve Survived Thanos’ Snap


For months now, fans have been wondering which characters from the MCU survived Thanos’ finger snap of doom at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. But it’s also worth thinking about the population of Fox’s half of the Marvel universe – hey, Thanos’ actions could’ve reverberated through the multiverse. So, with that in mind, how would the cast of Deadpool 2 have been affected by the Mad Titan’s wrath?

Well, The Huffington Post spoke with Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, Stefan Kapičić’ and Karan Soni recently and asked them what the fate of their characters would be in the wake of Infinity War. First off, Kapičić’ was sure that Colossus “definitely survived.” However, Reynolds wasn’t letting him off that easy and came up with a different version of events:

“What? Please, you were the first to die. Dishonorably, I might add. No one could survive the Thanos snap.”

To that, Beetz added: “I could [survive].” She’s probably right, too, as Domino has her handy luck powers that seem to manipulate the odds to make sure that things turn out in her favor. So, it’d make sense for her to fall on the half of the population that were saved.

Reynolds then went on to joke that he has a unique version of Thanos’ ominous snap in his head, saying:

“I picture Thanos snapping menacingly to music like ‘West Side Story’ or something. So for me it’s a weirder version.”

Finally, Soni ended things on an optimistic note, as he thinks his real-life friendship with Josh Brolin – Cable in Deadpool 2 and Thanos in Infinity War – would’ve saved Dopinder the cab driver from turning to dust.

“I feel like I’m pretty tight with [Josh Brolin], so I might survive. I think we bonded, bonded by the end of it. We DM each other a lot. I feel good about my odds.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Reynolds and co. have had fun with the events of Infinity War. At one point in Deadpool 2, the Merc with the Mouth smashes through the fourth-wall by nicknaming Brolin’s cyborg from the future “Thanos.” It’s a hilarious moment, and one that you can now relive given that the sequel’s available on Digital HD.