Deadpool 2 Crosses $500 Million At Worldwide Box Office


Coming mere days after one of 2018’s biggest blockbusters, Solo: A Star Wars Story, suffered the most disappointing debut of the year, the David Leitch-directed, R-rated farce, Deadpool 2, has now crossed the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office. Impressive, eh?

According to The Wrap, just eleven days after opening, the second motion picture featuring Ryan Reynolds as the foul-mouthed mercenary has managed to hit $218.5 million domestically, which brings the global total to a whopping $505 million as of this morning. Although Deadpool 2 is currently tracking about 10% behind the first film, which managed $241 million at the domestic box office by this time post-release, both of the Merc’s pics have hit the $500 million milestone in equal time.

Surprisingly, however, the second outing for Wade Wilson didn’t manage to outstrip its predecessor for highest-grossing R-rated opening, falling just short ($125M) of the $132 million record set by Deadpool in 2016, despite screening in nearly 1,000 more theaters. Nevertheless, the sequel did outdo its predecessor in one arena, smashing the opening day record for an R-rated film with $53.3 million in North America.

Thanks to a strong second weekend ($42.7M), a 66% drop from opening week when it debuted with $125.5 million, Deadpool 2 has more than made back the $110 million it cost to produce the sequel and is now well on its way to box office glory. It’s also slowly but surely creeping up on The Hangover Part II, which is the current record holder for highest grossing comedy sequel of all-time ($587M). Then, of course, there’s Meet the Fockers, holder of the record for biggest comedy sequel in North America ($279M).

With both titles certainly within reach, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if and when Wade Wilson topples the two subpar follow-ups. Something tells us though it won’t be too long before Deadpool 2 is snagging more box office records.