David Leitch On Domino’s Role In Deadpool 2: “We’re Creating Really Great Stuff For Her Character”


Much like Nathan Summers (AKA Cable) before her, Domino is a difficult nut to crack.

However, both characters have booked their place in Fox’s 2018 sequel Deadpool 2, and will be portrayed by Josh Brolin (Avengers: Infinity War) and Zazie Beetz (Atlanta), respectively. Adapting a character like Domino presents challenges of its own – for instance, how do the VFX team effectively convey her unique abilities? – but thankfully, during his extensive chat with Screen Rant, director David Leitch was on hand to offer up some context about Zazie Beetz’s new recruit and her “super-luck.”

Not only that, but with her hand-to-hand combat skills and exceptional marksmanship, Domino makes for a formidable frenemy, and X-Men fans have waited for her big-screen debut for a long, long time. On the ground level, Leitch acknowledges that Domino’s addition will require a degree of experimentation when it comes to the sequel’s choreography, and given his years of experience working as a stunt coordinator before helming John Wick and Atomic Blonde, there is perhaps no better director working today to handle Domino’s transition to film.

Per Screen Rant.

We’re excited to play with that idea in choreography. I’m not going to give you how it’s all going to play out. As a choreographer, having a character with her abilities is really a trick. I think at first it seems like a problem. Like oh my god, how do you demonstrate luck? And then you just see it like, oh, this is the coolest opportunity ever, so we’re really excited and we’re creating really great stuff for her character.

New Mutants may be the next X-Men tentpole to roll off Fox’s production line, but with a June 1st, 2018 release date in place, it won’t be too long before the Merc With a Mouth is back on our screens.

Source: Screen Rant