T.J. Miller Assures Fans That Deadpool 2 Won’t Be The Hangover 2 Of Fox’s X-Men Franchise


Deadpool 2 may be funnier than the first, but the Merc’s sophomore outing will seemingly begin with a “dark, tragic” first act.

That’s according to T.J. Miller, who plays the role of Weasel opposite Ryan Reynolds’ gun-toting mercenary. Currently in the midst of press rounds for Sony’s imminent Emoji Movie, Miller spoke to Screen Rant about Deadpool 2 and, more specifically, his role in it.

The sequel is still in active production, so there’s a good chance that T.J. Miller’s scenes will chop and change before David Leitch and his team settle on a final cut, but make no mistake, he still considers Weasel to be “the most selfish individual on the face of the planet.” His words, not ours.

Perhaps more interesting is how T.J. Miller addresses the tone of Deadpool 2, and why it’ll skate around The Hangover 2‘s shortcomings by delivering a sequel that feels relatively fresh, all the while maintaining the irreverent spirit that helped ensure the original became the runaway success of 2016.

As for Miller’s comments about the sequel’s morbid opening, could it be that Deadpool 2 kicks off with a prominent death scene? Or are you more inclined to believe that David Leitch will keep all of his many characters alive until the film’s grand finale? You can, as always, let us know your thoughts in the usual place, but here’s the latest update from T.J. Miller in the meantime:

It’s not going to be like Hangover 2, it’s not going to be the same movie in a different location, for instance. It’s got different stakes, different things happen, some pretty tragic, dark sh-t happens in the first part of the film, in the beginning, and the rest of the film is kind of dealing with that, so that’s interesting. But Weasel remains just absolutely the most selfish individual on the face of the planet.

Beyond the promise of different stakes and a different location, what are your expectations of Deadpool 2? Drop your thoughts in the comments section and remember, the Merc will be back on our screens come June 1st, 2018.

Source: Screen Rant