Deadpool 2 Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment Featuring Ryan Reynolds


It wouldn’t be a Deadpool production if things didn’t get a little meta, now, would it?

Over on the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, the Merc With a Mouth has hijacked the Honest Trailers series in time for Deadpool 2‘s Blu-ray release, resulting in a scathing assessment of the YouTube channel itself, albeit with one or two Green Lantern jokes thrown in for comedic effect.

Yes, you’ve seen the How It Should Have Ended video and laid eyes on The Super Duper Cut (available today on Blu-ray and DVD), but today is all about the hilarious Honest Trailer for Deadpool 2, which dials the pop culture references up to 11 with nods to Fortnite and Passion of the Christ. Mind you, the latter managed to sneak its way into the sequel’s final cut, something Honest Trailers isn’t too pleased about…

Like we said, meta. It’s become something of a tradition for Ryan Reynolds to assume control of Honest Trailers anytime there’s a new Deadpool movie out, so here’s hoping he returns in time for the Detective Pikachu pic that’s in the works from Rob Letterman and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy).

It’ll feature the voice of Reynolds as everyone’s favorite Pokémon, which makes for a pretty radical change of pace after launching two raunchy, R-rated Deadpool movies in the space of three years. Quite the achievement, if we do say so ourselves.

Speaking of which, there’s seemingly no guarantee that a third Deadpool movie will get off the ground; Ryan Reynolds appears to be more focused on Drew Goddard’s X-Force ensemble piece for the time being, which is said to be targeting a production start this fall.