The Merc Interrupts Hugh Jackman’s Birthday Message In This Hilarious Video


Spare a thought for Hugh Jackman.

Earlier this morning, the fan-favorite Aussie and former Wolverine attempted to tweet out a birthday message – in his bathrobes, no less – only to be rudely interrupted by a fully-costumed Wade Wilson (or the “least greatest showman”) singing a sweet rendition of the Annie soundtrack. This is Deadpool, after all, who tends to spout out cheeky pop culture references and F-bombs like they’re going out of fashion.

It’s also the perfect follow-up act to Fox’s CinemaCon intro, in which the in-character Deadpool riffed with Hugh Jackman about Disney, Fox and everything (and everyone!) in between. And though it may not be considered an official promo for Deadpool 2, today’s surprise video only leaves us all the more excited for the Merc’s second adventure ahead of its arrival late next month.

The question, really, is whether this will all culminate in a possible Hugh Jackman cameo in Deadpool 2. It’s a stretch, of course, given his Wolverine famously perished just as the credits rolled on Logan. But if the Aussie legend were to play himself, a fourth wall-busting scene involving the Merc and Hugh Jackman would no doubt send viewers into a tizzy.

Besides, the original Deadpool movie clearly showed Wade Wilson’s admiration of Jackman (the “thunder from Down Under!”), be it in the form of not-so-subtle references or a cardboard cut-out of the actor’s face from People magazine.

There’s a real bromance between the two, then, so we’re intrigued to find out if anything comes from this back-and-forth between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Deadpool 2, meanwhile, has been slated for May 18th.

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