Deadpool 2’s Josh Brolin Wants To Improve His Cable Performance For X-Force


Premium Cable? Not quite, according to Josh Brolin.

The Deadpool 2 star is currently in the midst of a pretty incredible 2018 – this year also sees him headline Avengers: Infinity War and Sicario: Day of the Soldado as scenery-chewing bad guys – though he believes his performance as the time-travelling Nathan Summers wasn’t quite there.

That’s not to say Cable was the weak link of Deadpool 2 – far from it, in fact – simply that Brolin hopes to improve and fine-tune his approach to the beloved anti-hero in time for Drew Goddard’s planned X-Force movie.

Here’s how the actor explained things to USA Today (h/t Heroic Hollywood):

I do like the way it turned out. But I thought I could have been better. But then it clicked. I got to know (Reynolds) better. I trust him more. And we started this volley where it was like, ‘This is actually fun.’ Thank God. Man. I literally want to redeem myself to myself. I want to do a better version of what I do.

Ever since the Merc’s second solo adventure pummeled its way into theaters last month, Goddard and his team have whittled down a list of possible heroes anti-heroes, and while the director is yet to disclose firm details of his X-Force lineup, we know the film will be built around Cable, Domino and Deadpool, which, given the success of David Leitch’s sequel ($700M+ and counting), is music to our ears. Now they just need to find some new allies.

X-Force is due to begin filming before the year’s end ahead of a possible release in 2020.

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