Fan Theory Strengthens Deadpool’s Ties To The Logan X-Men Universe


It’s been a very trying week for Deadpool 2.

Production on Fox and David Leitch’s sequel ground to a halt on Monday when Joi “SJ” Harris, an expert road racer and first-time stunt driver, was tragically killed when a motorcycle stunt went awry. Tributes poured out from across the film industry, with lead star Ryan Reynolds taking point to convey his deepest condolences to Harris’ friends and family, stating that both he and the Deadpool crew have been left “heartbroken, shocked and devastated” by her sudden death.

Word is that 20th Century Fox plans to resume filming today, August 16th, which ought to allay fears that the Deadpool 2 release date (June 1st) would be pushed to accommodate such a tragic incident. And as the wheels begin to ache into motion once more, a new fan theory has been unearthed by MovieWeb that claims to link the events of Deadpool with the X-Men universe featured in James Mangold’s Logan.

The X-Men timelines are notoriously convoluted, so stick with us. Essentially, this theory suggests Deadpool and its forthcoming sequel take place within the world of those X-Men comic books that cropped up in Logan – Mangold’s last hurrah is set in the near-future, remember – with Reddit user DToccs explaining that:

The X-Men comics in Logan are based on real people and real events, although they have been twisted and changed to the point where people like Xavier and Logan who lived the events can’t even recognize them in the comics. The X-Men of the comics have some major changes from the real ones, all of the them (including Wolverine) wear colourful uniforms, Rogue can fly, Colossus is huge and Gambit a mutant from the 80s is contemporary with them…So I conclude that the Deadpool movies and the world they inhabit is actually the semi-fictionalized world of the X-Men comics that exist within the real world of the X-Men/Wolverine movies. Deadpool is a comic character loosely based on a real world mercenary from the 80s.

The post goes on to cast light on Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), and how she dovetails into this particular theory.

In Deadpool, Colossus is distinctly different from the Colossus of the actual X-Men movies in every way, but he does resemble his character shown in the comics. Wade Wilson a mercenary who was active during the 80s and connected to the Weapon X program is instead placed in the 2010s as a contemporary of the X-Men, much the same way that the Gambit character in the comics is moved in time from his real world counterpart. The big thing though is Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead and what she represents. In Deapool the school is clearly active and is presented in such a way that you are to assume there are other young mutants there alongside her. However in the world of the X-Men movies, no new mutant has been born since the early 2000s when Zander Rice and Transigen deployed their targeted gene therapy. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is simply too young to exist.

Still with us? It’s admittedly a bit of a stretch, but there’s no question that Logan‘s near-future setting lends credence to this conjecture. Not only that, but with talk of time travel factoring into the events of Deadpool 2 via Cable (Infinity War‘s Josh Brolin), things are only going to get more convoluted as time wears on.

The Merc With a Mouth will be back on our screens in time for June 1st.

Source: MovieWeb