Deadpool 2 Loses Director Tim Miller


Deadline is reporting that due to creative differences between himself and star Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller has departed Deadpool 2. Apparently, the split was amicable and he’s still on good terms with both the studio and Reynolds, but he’ll no longer helm the sequel for them.

Though Miller had never officially signed a deal to direct Deadpool 2, almost everyone expected him to return given how successful the original film was. Not to mention that he’d been developing a script for the sequel along with Reynolds. As such, this comes as a bit of a surprise. Miller was very instrumental in bringing the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen and was a large part of why Deadpool turned out to be such a fantastic movie in the first place.

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As unfortunate as this is to hear, know that Miller is bouncing right back from his departure, as he’s already agreed to helm Influx for Fox, which is an adaptation of David Suarez’s cyber-thriller novel and will likely launch a new trilogy for the studio, should the first film perform well.

Circling back to Deadpool 2 though, from what we understand, it’s still on target to meet its January 12th, 2018 release date, and the search for a new director is currently underway. No word yet on who the studio and Reynolds have their eye on, but you can be sure that they’ll find a suitable replacement in no time.

While we wait for news on who will sit behind the camera, feel free to drop us a comment below letting us know who you’d like to see helm the sequel.

Source: Deadline