Deadpool 2 May Also Feature Cable’s Pal Domino



One of the biggest (and best) surprises of Tim Miller’s Deadpool movie was the post-credits stinger which announced that mutant time-travelling badass Cable would be a part of the planned sequel – and now a new rumor suggests that he won’t be alone.

According to Heroic Hollywood’s sources in Fox, Cable’s partner/sometime lover Domino will also make her live-action debut in the Deadpool follow-up.

In the comics, Neena Thurman, AKA Domino, is an ex-mercenary turned do-gooder with the very handy mutant ability to manipulate luck for her own purposes. She also happens to be a lethal combatant, and would give the Merc With a Mouth a run for his money in the smart-ass stakes.

The site doesn’t provide any more details and obviously we can’t put too much stock in this for the time being – but it does make sense that this character would be introduced alongside Cable, as it lays the groundwork for an X-Force movie down the line.

After Deadpool jokingly suggested Keira Knightley should play Cable in the post-credits scene, they have to cast her as Domino… right? Well, she’s actually the current fan-pick and wouldn’t be bad in that role at all in my opinion. What do you guys think, though? Would you like to see her in the film?

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