Deadpool 2 Originally Shot A Montage Of The Merc’s Failed Suicide Attempts


If ever you needed proof that Deadpool revels in black comedy, the opening five minutes of David Leitch’s comic book sequel sees a fully-costumed Wade Wilson smoking on a cigarette (not a joint) as he contemplates suicide.

Crippled by the loss of his adoring girlfriend Vanessa, the Merc believes he can no longer continue, and is ready to throw in the towel – or, more specifically, blow his apartment to kingdom come using a stash of gasoline. Like we said before, it’s a pretty grim way to get the ball rolling on Deadpool 2, but as Leitch admitted during the recently-released commentary track (h/t, the film’s opening could have been darker still.

Leitch is joined by screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (and Ryan Reynolds) in what is undoubtedly a must-listen. But down below, the former duo detail exactly what Deadpool 2‘s ‘suicide montage’ would’ve entailed.

Leitch: “Originally here, it was much contested — we’ve had it in and out of the movie a lot — a suicide montage, where Deadpool ends up killing himself a few times,” director David Leitch revealed on the Deadpool 2 commentary track. We shot it, but then ultimately decided the movie didn’t need it. It’ll probably be in, what, the extras, right? Or the extended version.”

Wernick: “What was in the first script of the first movie, didn’t make it in, and then made it into the script of the second movie”

So, there you have it; Deadpool 2 almost pushed the envelope with a full-blown montage of Wade Wilson’s failed suicide attempts which, in hindsight, could’ve been worked as a warped version of Groundhog Day.

The David Leitch-directed sequel is currently available across digital platforms and is expected to make its way over onto home video (read: Blu-ray and DVD) next Tuesday, August 21st (pre-order here).