The Merc Imitates Flashdance For New Deadpool 2 Poster


He’s staged his own R-rated version of Thanksgiving and channeled the spirit of Bob Ross, but for his latest stunt, the Merc With a Mouth takes on Flashdance.

Via Twitter, Ryan Reynolds has rolled out another tongue-in-cheek poster for Deadpool 2, which sees his fast-talking vigilante recreate Alex Owens’ most famous scene from the 1983 drama. Only in this particular case, Wade Wilson is basking in a shower of bullets, not water.

The one-sheet, which came bearing the caption “take your passion and make it happen,” can be viewed after the jump, and serves as a pointed reminder of the sequel’s new release date: May 18th. Back in January, Deadpool 2 was one of three X-Men tentpoles to be shuffled around (New Mutants and Gambit were the other victims), when 20th Century Fox decided to thrust David Leitch’s follow-up into the crowded May window.

Sandwiched between two bona fide titans in Avengers: Infinity War and SoloDeadpool 2 no longer faces the tricky task of opening under the shadow of a Star Wars movie, while the move away Deadpool‘s February release window is indicative of Fox’s box office ambitions.

Deadpool 2 is locked and loaded for May 18th – all that’s missing is the sequel’s official title. Rumor has it that David Leitch and Co. have settled on The Second Coming for the Merc’s, well, second coming, though all is quiet on the Fox front.

What we do know is that the studio plans to release Deadpool 2‘s full-length trailer alongside Black Panther (February 16th), which will likely become a common occurrence now that Disney has officially made its move to acquire 20th Century Fox and its entertainment assets.

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