Why Is Deadpool 2 Still Undergoing Reshoots Two Months Before Release?


It’s been a pretty troubling few weeks for the Merc with a Mouth. Though his upcoming sequel, Deadpool 2, has long been considered to be a cinematic slam dunk, fans were thrown for a loop recently when reactions from early test screenings began to emerge. To say that they were underwhelming would be an understatement, with many people taking to Twitter to air their not so nice thoughts on it.

Going one step further, former IGN editor Jeremy Conrad then published a pretty damning report, detailing all of the sequel’s missteps and painting a worrying picture of what’s to come. And while it’s always best to take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt – test screenings are, after all, designed to identify a film’s problems before release and fix them – fans are still feeling anxious, and understandably so.

Now, only adding onto that anxiety is the fact that apparently, Deadpool 2‘s reshoots are still underway. Yes, we’re well aware that reshoots aren’t always a bad thing. In fact, they’re quite often par for the course for big studio blockbusters and we’ve already been told that in this case, Fox is looking to add in more of Cable and Domino. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that we’re now only two months away from release, and as several folks have pointed out, that’s certainly worrisome.

Couple this with those aforementioned reports from test audiences, and it starts to paint the picture of a studio rushing to try and clean up their movie before it hits theaters, cutting things as close as possible in order to iron out all the issues that stemmed from early screenings. That, or we’re just reading too much into this.

Listen, we want Deadpool 2 to be a hit. Really, we do. But we can’t ignore that a movie, which is now just two months away from premiering, is actively shooting more footage. True, a few outlets (likely desperate for the chance to host an IMAX screening of the pic, or something of the sort) claimed that all these reports were wrong and that test audiences loved what they saw. But if that were really the case, then why is Fox still filming additional material at this point? We’ll leave that one to you to answer.