Ryan Reynolds Becomes Our Tour Guide With New Deadpool 2 Set Video


Who knew the Merc With a Mouth would make for such an entertaining tour guide?

As Deadpool 2‘s production runs into overtime – for the record, Fox ordered up a round of reshoots and pick-ups early last month – Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, has posted a series of behind-the-scenes videos (see below) that take us on a tour of the sequel’s set, including one particularly scary corridor.

In typically irreverent fashion, Reynolds labels said hallway as the “scariest ever,” before asking if anyone has walked this corridor and lived to tell the tale. All three videos come together to form the actor’s current Instagram Story, which is available to watch online for another four hours at the time of writing. Thankfully, YouTuber Press Play has compiled all of the footage into a single video, and it includes such zingers as:

Like, has anyone not died of a messy stabbing death in this hallway? OK, we’re back in the hallway again — the never-ending scary hallway. But I brought security with me this time, I brought [female crew member] Hayley. She’s the muscle of this operation.

Reynolds continued:

What a lot of people don’t know is that this entire hallway has been constructed out of congealed hepatitis, so it makes for a surprisingly sturdy cinderblock. You learn something new every day, right? The more you know…

It’s another tongue-in-cheek preview to add to Deadpool 2‘s growing collection – remember Wade Wilson’s impression of Bob Ross? Or how about the Thanksgiving-themed poster bonanza? – and we’ll take silly set tours over spoiler-ridden previews any day of the week.

The untitled Deadpool sequel (The Second Coming, perhaps?) will see a release on May 18th – six weeks earlier than initially expected.