Deadpool 2 Scribe Debunks Recent Villain Rumor


Contrary to online rumors, Deadpool 2 has retained all of its primary villains – even after that spell of much-touted reshoots.

Taking to Twitter, Rhett Reese, one of the sequel’s screenwriters, has now set the record straight, telling fans that any speculation regarding Deadpool 2‘s roster of antagonists is simply untrue. So I guess there’s still a chance that Juggernaut will appear when all is said and done?

In all seriousness, Reese’s Tweet doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing whether Jack Kesy’s Black Tom Cassidy is a part of Deadpool 2 or not. Granted, there are now only six weeks to go until David Leitch’s follow-up hits theaters, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before we have a concrete answer one way or another.

Either way, and thanks to Deadpool 2‘s latest trailer, we know next month’s sequel will lay the groundwork for X-Force, Drew Goddard’s ensemble piece that brings together all of our favorite mutants for a historic crossover.

And here’s confirmation of Reese’s denial, courtesy of Twitter:

What’s more, now that X-Men: Dark Phoenix has slipped into 2019 – rumor has it that Fox and Simon Kinberg are bracing for “extensive reshoots” that will involve overhauling the film’s third act – the studio can devote their attention to Deadpool 2, which is the closest thing to a sure-fire hit that we’re likely to see in the blockbuster space…Avengers: Infinity War notwithstanding.

And it all kicks off on May 18th. The question, really, is whether Deadpool 2 can emulate the box office success of its predecessor, which blew past all expectations on its journey to $783 million worldwide. Time will tell, but we remain hopeful.