Latest Deadpool 2 Set Snaps Hint At A Fan-Favorite Fight


Even if you aren’t all that familiar with the Deadpool comics, it should come as no surprise that Wade Wilson’s big mouth tends to get him in a lot of trouble.

Frankly, the irreverent Merc With a Mouth doesn’t know when to shut it, and that tends to rub some people (see: Sabretooth) the wrong way. Yes, as notes, in issue Deadpool #9, Wade’s alter-ego clashes with Sabretooth in spectacular fashion, and at least based on the latest photos from the Vancouver set of Deadpool 2, director David Leitch and Co. are about to showcase a very faithful rendition of that fan-favorite scrap come 2018.

Soon after coming to blows, the pair of superpowered heroes (anti-heroes?) realize that a school bus full of kids is watching on in amazement. It’s a comical scene that wonderfully undercuts any tension between the two fighters, and this evidence relayed by Instagram user ‘jaycavanah’ suggests Leitch is about to deliver a big-screen adaptation of that famous fight – albeit with another mutant to replace Sabretooth. Cable, perhaps?

Check it out in the gallery below along with a few images from the comic that the scene’s pulled from, and some previously released set pics (in case you missed them).

The overturned school bus, the destruction of public property…it all aligns with the arc of Deadpool #9. The real question, of course, is who David Leitch has drafted in to fill the void left by Sabretooth.

Either way, from a giant inflatable panda to an overturned military truck, it’s clear Deadpool 2 won’t skimp on blockbuster action sequences – hardly surprising, given it’s coming from the director that brought us John Wick and this year’s Cold War thriller, Atomic Blonde.

Further afield, 20th Century Fox has already begun formulating plans for its fabled X-Force movie, which Drew Goddard will write and direct. Both Deadpool and Cable – Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, respectively – are expected to reprise their X-Men characters for the ensemble piece, along with Zazie Beetz as the elusive Domino.

Source: Instagram

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