Fox Has No Plans To Recast T.J. Miller In Deadpool 2 Despite Allegations Of Sexual Assault


Just before Christmas, T.J. Miller became the latest Hollywood star to be faced with allegations of sexual harassment.

The prominent actor, best known for his roles across Silicon Valley and Deadpool, was accused of physically assaulting a woman in his college days, and ever since, numerous women have come forward with similar accounts of abuse.

In response to this, Rotten Tomatoes quizzed Deadpool 2 producer Lauren Shuler Donner about T.J. Miller’s (Weasel) involvement in the sequel, and whether 20th Century Fox has any plans to replace Miller a la Ridley Scott’s high-wire job on All The Money in the World.

“We’re in the final editing, so I don’t think so,” she said.

As things stand, Deadpool 2 is headed for a theatrical release on June 1st. Ridley Scott, meanwhile, struck Kevin Spacey from All The Money in the World, cast Christopher Plummer, turned 80, and managed to ship finished prints of his period drama in a matter of weeks.

Further in the interview, RT then asked Donner about Miller’s future in the franchise, particularly now that Disney has moved to acquire Fox’s entertainment assets, to which she replied:

“That’s a whole studio thing. I don’t know.”

Elsewhere, the Merc’s future is relatively safe despite that historic Disney-Fox merger. Because with The New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, Deadpool 2 and a Laura-centric X-23 spinoff all gestating in various stages of development, Fox’s current movie slate is nothing if not diverse, and it’d be disheartening to see Disney interfere with that lineup in the name of corporate consolidation.

Next up for the Merc is the launch of the so-far untitled Deadpool 2 (or should that be Deadpool: The Second Coming?), which has its crosshairs trained on June 1st.