Josh Brolin’s Cable Will Seemingly Poke Fun At Thanos During Deadpool 2


Cast your mind back to the unveiling of Deadpool 2‘s first trailer, and you’ll likely remember the moment of self-referential glee when the Merc poked fun at Justice League, and referenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in one fell swoop.

The DC joke came at the expense of Henry Cavill and Justice League‘s visual effects team (“it’s a metal arm! It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache…”), while Wade Wilson’s sly reference to the MCU can be traced all the way back to Thanos, an intergalactic Mad Titan who intends to bring balance back to the universe in Avengers: Infinity War next month.

It won’t be Deadpool 2‘s only reference to Thanos, either. Or so says Josh Brolin. The towering American holds the unique position of playing Cable and Marvel’s Mad Titan – undoubtedly two of the biggest villains ever to grace the comic book world – and it seems the former will enjoy poking fun at the latter come May.

I can’t imagine there’s not going to be any. [Laughs] I’ll put it that way. I’m up here right now in snowy Vancouver doing reshoots for Deadpool. Given that it’s a satire of all superhero movies, especially Marvel movies, how can you not?

You didn’t think Deadpool 2 would pass up the chance to lampoon superhero movies now, did you? Regardless, Brolin was also quoted as saying that the Fox sequel will be “very different” from the first film, which ought to allay fears that the studio is bracing for 2018’s first high-profile flop.

Deadpool [2] I know is going to be very fun and funny and fresh because it’s very different from the first Deadpool.

The so-far untitled Deadpool 2 still has its work cut out, then. And though that may be true, we’re cautiously optimistic that the Merc will be able to deliver a sophomore installment to remember on May 18th.

Source: EW