Deadpool 2 Trailer May Confirm The Appearance Of This X-Men Villain


Leave it to Ryan Reynolds and Co. to one-up just about every other cinematic marketing campaign with the brazen, tongue-in-cheek teaser for Deadpool 2.

Embedded above, we begin with a mellow painting tutorial from Bob Ross Wade Wilson, who cracks NSFW jokes and silly innuendoes like they’re going out of fashion. But stick around until the 1:30 mark and you’ll be rewarded with the very first promo for the movie, and it’s fair to say that David Leitch and his editing team have crammed an awful lot of material into this 10-second window.

But perhaps the most interesting moment of all comes just before the montage, where a strange smudge appears on the canvas, causing the anti-hero to be thrown off guard. Admittedly, it’s hard to make out what exactly it is, but the color and shape is pretty similar to how X-Men villain Mr. Sinister appears, suggesting he could be on his way.

After all, the character was already teased in the post-credits scene of Apocalypse, so we know that Fox has plans for him. Just throw in his ties to Cable and that random smudge starts to become not so random anymore, eh?

Of course, this should all be filed firmly under the speculation category for now, as we have no concrete evidence of Mr. Sinister being in sequel, but it’s interesting to consider and would certainly make a good deal of sense.

Until we have something more to go on, though, what we can tell you with absolute certainty is that the David Leitch-directed pic also features Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, T.J. Miller, Leslie Uggams, Stefan Kapicic and Karan Soni as the fan-favorite Dopinder.

They’ll all join Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With a Mouth when he returns in all of his irreverent glory when Deadpool 2 opens on June 1st. It’s currently sandwiched between The New Mutants and Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix, too, meaning 2018 will be a year to remember for X-Men fans.