The Merc Flaunts His Dance Moves In This New Deadpool 2 Spot


The Merc With a Mouth is not known for his dance moves, and yet that’s exactly what we see in today’s newly-released TV spot for Fox and David Leitch’s sequel, Deadpool 2.

It’s the other comic book event movie of 2018 – after Avengers: Infinity War, of course – and it’s one that will see Wade Wilson form a “super-duper fucking group” with Domino (Zazie Beetz), Bedlam (Terry Crews) and the rest of the gang. Its name? X-Force, which ought to lay the groundwork for Drew Goddard’s planned team-up movie that’s due to enter production in the fall.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves; there’s a new Deadpool movie on the horizon, and at least based on today’s sizzle reel, it’ll have Wade Wilson don possibly the worst disguise in comic book movie history, as he straddles a pole with those “strong thighs” and devil-may-care attitude.

This likely has something to do with Deadpool’s plan to infiltrate a local crime ring, before ultimately crossing paths with Josh Brolin’s one-armed Cable. He’s the futuristic freedom fighter who’s returned to the present in order to snuff out Russell (AKA Hot Stuff) and avert some future atrocity.

Beyond that, the exact details of Deadpool 2‘s story have remained under lock and key – not that we would have it any other way, lest we spoil the Merc’s hotly-anticipated second coming ahead of time. Besides, as this is ostensibly the dawn of the X-Force, comic book fans will no doubt be rushing out to see the David Leitch-directed follow-up as soon as it hits theaters on May 18th, right? We’ll be keeping you posted as that release date edges closer.

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