Wade Kills The MCU In Awesome Deadpool 3 Fan Art


Now that it’s confirmed that Wade Wilson will be joining the MCU, there’s been much speculation on how he’ll enter the shared universe and what form the story of Deadpool 3 might take. And one rumored choice, the unambiguously titled Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, has received some fan art this week to suggest how it might look.

The story sees the X-Men commit the Merc to Ravenscroft Asylum to cure his insanity, only for the doctor treating him to be controlled by microscopic megalomaniac Psycho-Man, who brainwashes DP to do his bidding and removes the madman’s inner voice to make him a more efficient killer. However, the scheme backfires and another voice appears in Wade’s mind, commanding him to kill everyone to free them from the constriction of comics continuity, which he sets about doing in his typically brutal fashion, relentlessly slaughtering heroes and villains alike.

The image craftily uses shots from the movies repurposed, such as Natasha Romanov and Gamora after their clifftop plummets on Vormir, Vision lifeless in Wakanda after the Mind Stone was torn from his head, Tony Stark after his ultimate sacrifice to defeat Thanos, and Steve Rogers in the vision of the Avengers all lying dead used in Age of Ultron, all of which reminds us that the MCU has been no stranger to featured deaths.

Of course, there’s no way that dozens of characters that the films have spent years establishing will all be massacred in one fell swoop, so if the story were to be adapted, it would need some loophole to ensure that its events don’t have a permanent impact. One possibility is the “it was all a dream” deus ex machina, which although certainly in character for the Merc is widely recognized as the laziest cop out there is. Another is, like the comic, for the tale to take place in an alternate reality, and have this one populated by evil twins who Deadpool can kill without guilt, before finally making his way across the dimensions to Earth-199999.