Deadpool 3 Will Reportedly Make Fun Of DC Movies


When the franchise was the property of Fox, Deadpool had no issues blasting his superhero counterparts for a laugh. Not only did he mock Green Lantern as Ryan Reynolds has had a penchant for doing over the last decade, but one of the most notable fourth wall breaks in the sequel was when he referred to Josh Brolin’s Cable as Thanos, with the actor in the midst of terrorizing the Avengers at the time.

Naturally, this has led to many questions as to whether or not those sorts of digs at the competition will remain part of the Merc with a Mouth’s verbal arsenal now that he’s set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige’s franchise takes place in a world similar to our own, but it’s never made any references to costumed crimefighters who exist outside the rigid confines of the established mythology.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Deadpool 3 will see the title hero make fun of DC Films and its output, but that’s about as much as the tipster expounds. It feels like a foregone conclusion that Green Lantern will come under fire once more, though, unless of course the leading man has completely changed his stance having finally gotten around to watching the infamous box office bomb for the first time ever.

It would be jarring to hear a character in the MCU poke fun at something like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, especially when Marvel more than likely don’t want to draw any attention to their rivals even if it is to make them the butt of jokes, but Deadpool‘s unique self-awareness and sardonic disposition mean that he’s the best qualified candidate to pull it off.