Deadpool Actor T.J. Miller Promises More Weasel In The Sequel


20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2 is already jam-packed with characters, so one might expect some of the returning faces to take a backseat to heavy-hitters such as Cable and Domino, who will make their big screen debut in the movie. However, it sounds like at least one of the Merc With a Mouth’s closest pals will actually have a bit more to do this time around.

While doing press for his latest film, The Emoji Movie, T.J. Miller revealed to MovieWeb that Weasel will be bringing a lot more to the table for the follow-up to the mega-popular X-Men spinoff:

Marvel will cut off my hand and tongue if I tell you. But…let me just tell you that the second installment will be even more weaselicious. Let me just put it that way, to quote Pauly Shore. I’m very excited about it. That starts in August and September. I’m so excited. I know it means so much to Ryan that it’s good, and for the writers, and for all of us actually. The first one did so well, people loved it so much. I think they really put the time in on the script. I’m just so excited.

Though Weasel only appeared a handful of times in the first outing, he stole pretty much every scene he was in, so this is great news. It remains to be seen if a larger role for Wade’s best bud means less screen time for the likes of Colossus, Blind Al and Vanessa, but we certainly hope that’s not the case.

As Miller reiterates above, Deadpool 2 is set to commence production later this year in time for a 2018 release. Atomic Blonde director David Leitch will helm the picture from a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Source: MovieWeb