Deadpool’s Stefan Kapicic Wants Colossus To Appear On FX’s Legion

Colossus fans were not terribly pleased with the character’s depiction in X-Men 2 and 3, but that all changed when the metal mutant powerhouse showed up as a supporting player in Deadpool. Replacing Daniel Cudmore in the part, Stefan Kapicic acted out Colossus’ role via motion capture, but he still managed to portray a much more comic faithful interpretation of Peter Rasputin.

Though Colossus has already been confirmed for Deadpool 2, Kapicic would actually like to bring his take on the Russian mutant to the small screen at some point, too. During an interview with, the actor declared his love for FX’s mind-bending TV series, Legion:

It gets so clever, it gets so specific. The way it’s directed, the way the acting is there. For example, if you ask me what I would like to show up in … and I don’t know the rules between the studios or whatever … I would love to have a guest appearance in Legion or in a new X-Men show as Colossus.

Though Legion is actually supposed to take place in the established X-Men movie universe, showrunner Noah Hawley has made it quite clear that fans shouldn’t expect any kind of character crossovers, so the chances of Colossus showing up are pretty slim. That being said, the show – which was renewed for a second season earlier today – has proven to be incredibly popular with both viewers and critics, so who knows what’ll happen a few years down the line.

A new episode of Legion airs tonight on FX, while Deadpool 2 is expected to head into production pretty soon to meet its still unspecified 2018 release date.