Deadpool Almost Featured Kane From X-Force, According To Rob Liefeld



20th Century Fox’s Deadpool is yet to officially hit theaters in North America and already the internet is bowled over with the possibility of an X-Force movie easing into development.

It’s an X-Men spinoff that has quickly caught the eye of Ryan Reynolds himself, who was recently quoted as saying: “In the future I think, if we’re doing a bunch more Deadpool movies, we’re really going to explore the X-Men a lot, and maybe X-Force. X-Force is really my priority.” But had the situation panned out differently for Tim Miller and Fox’s standalone feature, one member of the X-Force could have been introduced ahead of schedule.


That’s according to Rob Liefeld, the creator behind X-Force and the Merc With a Mouth, who noted in an interview with that plans were in place for Kane to make an appearance early on in Miller’s feature.

“In this film he would’ve been another product of ‘the workshop.’ So another enhanced mutant that we introduced to further Deadpool’s connection to the Department K Weapon X program, which in this movie you know as ‘the workshop’.

“Kane had huge set pieces, but to get an R rating the budget was revised and not everything survived. I saw some of the models they had made for Kane, and he would’ve been very expensive. He had all these cybernetic limbs that expand and turn into guns. His hand flies off and coils. He’s an X-Force character and he has a history with Deadpool. There’s a lot of animosity there [between the two characters]. But it’s cool – Kane will just go back into the box for another time.”

It’s interesting that Liefeld alludes to budgetary constraints as the main reason for eventually relegating Kane’s introduction to the cutting room floor. How and ever, the very fact that X-Force is perhaps closer now than ever before to appearing on the big screen is exciting in and of itself.

Deadpool will leap into theaters on Friday, February 12 in North America. To get the gist of the Merc With a Mouth’s cinematic bow, feast your eyes on our glowing review.


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