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The Deadpool Before Christmas To Contain 15 Minutes Of Additional Footage And New Character

The Merc's upcoming Christmas movie, titled The Deadpool Before Christmas, will have 15 minutes of additional footage and a new character.

The other week, Fox blindsided fans across the web with the reveal that a PG-13 Deadpool movie is coming to theaters later this year. While we’ve since been told that it’ll be titled The Deadpool Before Christmas, there’s not a whole lot we can confirm yet about the upcoming project. Thankfully, though, MCU Cosmic has a new scoop for us, and they’ve provided a few details on what to expect.

For one, this will be an “adapted version” of Deadpool 2, meaning it’s an edited cut of the film which will suit its PG-13 rating. Not only that, but it’ll feature 15 minutes of new footage and even a new character. As the outlet points out, that additional character is likely Fred Savage reprising his role from The Princess Bride, while the fresh material is probably the scenes featuring him along with alternate takes of existing footage that needed to be used in order to get the rating down to PG-13.

Details beyond that remain scarce, but plenty of fans have already voiced their opinions on the film loud and clear, and it sounds like Fox needs to up their PR game if they’re going to win people over with this idea. For many, a Deadpool movie without violence and swearing is no Deadpool movie at all, though their plan to structure the story around a Princess Bride parody admittedly sounds like one idea that can be pulled off well here.

Still, it’s a bizarre move re-releasing the sequel in a PG-13 cut and given everything else that’s going on at the studio right now, it does sort of feel like desperate, endgame kind of moves. Not to mention that with Aquaman and Bumblebee scheduled for release on the same weekend, you have to wonder how many people will be running to the cinema to see a presumably worse version of Deadpool 2, which has already been out on home video for a while now.

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