Deadpool Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Reveals Who He Wants To Play Cable



We’re now roughly a month away from the release of Deadpool, and while the film is set to tell the character’s origin story, many fans are already looking ahead to what the future might hold in store for the Merc with the Mouth. If rumours about a sequel being released in the 2017 slot currently held by the Fantastic Four sequel are true, we might just see that become a reality sooner than expected, and there’s one character who absolutely must be part of Deadpool 2.

That’s Cable, the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (who was brought up in the future). The straight man in Deadpool’s adventures, these two shared a series for a number of years and quickly became a fan-favourite pairing.


Infected with a deadly techno-organic virus at a young age which he keeps at bay using his advanced psionic powers, Cable is a bona fide badass and the complete opposite of Deadpool. That’s what makes their interactions so much fun though, and including the X-Force leader in a future movie starring Reynolds’ Wade Wilson – should the first instalment perform well enough – just makes so much sense.

So, with all of that in mind, who should actually play Cable? Well, it turns out that Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld has a perfect candidate: Golden Globe winning Mad Men star Jon Hamm.  Check out Liefeld’s Tweet below and let us know if you agree with his pick.

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