Deadpool Creator Is Confident About The Merc’s Future At Disney

Deadpool 2

With the Disney-Fox merger now complete, an exciting new era beckons for the X-Men on the big screen. While fans can’t wait to see what Kevin Feige and co. do with Professor X and his mutant charges, though, many are worried about how Deadpool will fare under the Mouse House’s guidance. After all, the gloriously irreverent movies starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth are definitely not the sort of thing you expect to come out of the studio.

However, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has cooled any worries that fans might be having by assuring us that he’s confident the character is in good hands. He told that he’s had the chance to exchange words with Disney CEO Bob Iger and was pleased with his reaction to the anti-hero. Liefeld joked that as Iger is “a pretty important guy,” he could easily have avoided the comic book creator.

“He’s never had security throw me out,” Liefeld quipped. “When we have talked it’s always been very good.” Likewise, Liefeld says Feige is on the same page and is keen to continue the success Deadpool has found over at Fox.

“Kevin [Feige] is in that same space, maybe, given this ridiculous success. But I would also ask Kevin at these functions and he is saying publicly now what he said to me privately, which he does not need to say. The thing that the readers need to see is, they can just as easily say nothing, and when they need to, they are very good at saying nothing The fact that we’re getting some good news is a positive. I expect Deadpool to have a giant future at Disney. I absolutely 100% know that he’s got a bright future there.”

These private comments Liefeld has shared with Feige and Iger mirror public statements the pair of execs have made about the character’s future as well. Iger has said that he fully expects R-rated Marvel movies to come in the future, promising that the Deadpool franchise will keep its mature tone. Likewise, Feige has clarified that he’s not looking to change anything about the DP movies going forward.

This also fits with reports that claim Marvel Studios is looking to reboot all of the properties they’ve inherited from Fox – so the mainline X-Men, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, etc. – except Deadpool, with Ryan Reynolds all but confirmed to be keeping his job for the foreseeable future. Disney even added the Regeneratin’ Degenerate to its website the very day the Fox deal closed.

If all is as assured as Liefeld says then, hopefully we’ll hear about what’s up next for Deadpool sooner rather than later.