Deadpool Creator Pens Letter To Hugh Jackman Asking For Wolverine Crossover


Wolverine will probably always be the signature role of Hugh Jackman in the eyes of many a moviegoer, but the actor seems perfectly happy to have moved onto the next phase of his career. Earlier this week, for instance, the Australian star reaffirmed his reluctance to reprise the part before specifically stating that he doesn’t think the world wants to see a crossover between Logan and his old X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star Deadpool.

Naturally, there are plenty of fans out there who’ll strongly disagree with him on this point, including Wade Wilson’s own co-creator Rob Liefeld, who pleaded his case for Jackman to wield the adamantium claws once more in an open letter on Instagram. The writer and artist opened his message by assuring the star that, yes, the world most certainly does want to see Deadpool and Wolverine together:

“Dear [Hugh Jackman] just checking in to reassure you per your recent comments that, yes, fans absolutely desire on the deepest possible level of affection and excitement that we can collectively muster to see you return as Wolverine alongside Ryan as Deadpool. Being in the comic business for 33 years and speaking as someone who has crafted a few memorable encounters between Logan and Wade, I can guarantee and confirm an audience and a reaction like nothing you have ever before experienced!!”

The comic book creator went on to express his personal affection for Jackman’s character, before recommending some of his own work that might be worth adapting:

“Wolverine is my favorite character in the history of comics, he inspired every aspect of Deadpool’s creation!! Please give some consideration to unsheathing your claws for one more glorious adventure! #wolverine #deadpool #marvel p.s. please feel free to adapt directly from Wolverine #154-155 and feature The Administrator, The Watchtower! Unapologetically and unashamedly, your pal, Rob!”

While Jackman and Reynolds could have some real chemistry in their respective roles, it seems that the timing just wasn’t right for this crossover to happen. For one thing, last year’s Logan provided about as definitive a finale for Wolverine’s arc as we could’ve hoped for, but even if fans don’t mind this send-off being rendered a little phony by a subsequent comeback, it’s unlikely that Jackman will be changing his mind anytime soon.

Even Reynolds seemed to set his goals a little lower earlier this year when he suggested that the actor could make an appearance in the planned X-Force film playing himself. Since the Deadpool spinoff movie sounds like it’s still a long way from release, it’ll probably be a while before we hear any further news on that idea, but in the meantime, Wade Wilson has found another co-star in Fred Savage, with Once Upon a Deadpool running in cinemas for two weeks from December 12th.