Deadpool Director Says His Kitty Pryde Movie Will Never Happen

Kitty Pryde x-Men

Right before the Disney takeover happened, Fox were busy creating a host of new X-Men spinoffs. Among them was a solo movie for Kitty Pryde which was to be helmed by Deadpool director Tim Miller. Of course, now that the rights to mutantkind are resting with Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige is expected to wipe the slate clean and come up with his own projects that will fit into the MCU. But is there a chance that Miller could make his Kitty Pryde film for Marvel?

Well, no, to put it plainly. Miller spoke to about his love of the X-Men franchise and his enthusiasm for what he was going to do with Kitty. And it turns out the filmmaker is under no illusion that it’ll actually happen now.

“I love the X-Men. I don’t expect Marvel to call me and say, ‘Come do the X-Men,’ so I’m not waiting for that. I was really excited about my Kitty Pryde movie. F**k, I love that movie. It’ll never happen now.”

Miller proved himself a great fit for the X-universe with 2016’s Deadpool, so it’s a bummer for fans of his and Kitty’s that his film is unlikely to continue with Marvel. Especially as comic book supremo Brian Michael Bendis was set to write the script. Bendis was actually still busy on the movie as late as this February, which is just before the Disney/Fox merger completed in March.

This is the second time this month that one of Fox’s X-Men spinoffs has been confirmed to be dead, as Doug Liman just said a couple of weeks ago that his Gambit movie, starring Channing Tatum, won’t be going anywhere after all. On the other hand, James Mangold still hopes to make his X-23 film with Dafne Keen for Marvel. So, fingers crossed that one comes to something.

Even if Tim Miller’s Kitty Pryde movie isn’t happening, though, there’s a good chance Marvel will reboot the character in the MCU anyway. And if that happens, let us know who you’d want to play the part in the comments section below.