Deadpool Reportedly Won’t Interact With The Mainline MCU Movies


Now that Disney owns Fox, it’s only the matter of time before the X-Men are folded into the MCU. It’s no surprise that all the signs are pointing to Deadpool being the first Fox character to make a grand entrance in the franchise, but exactly how Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth will do this has become a matter of contention.

Recently, MCU Cosmic reported that Marvel’s considering a few differing options of introducing DP into the MCU. One of these included giving him a cameo in the third Spider-Man movie. This news got a mixed reception from fans online, but now another source is claiming that this isn’t the case and Marvel will simply follow how Fox handled the character: keep him separate from the central franchise.

Insider Roger Wardell previously proved himself a trusted source by leaking a bunch of accurate Avengers: Endgame spoilers back in December. We’ve yet to be able to prove his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 info, but according to him, “Deadpool had his own movies but never showed up in the main X-Men films, and it will be the same for the MCU.”

In all fairness, this system  worked well for Fox. In their own self-contained franchise, the Deadpool films could be just as irreverent, meta and mocking of superhero movie tropes as they wanted. But, crucially, without turning the mainline X-Men movies into a parody of themselves. Feige has said that he plans to keep the Deadpool series just as it is, too, so this fits with Wardell’s info. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

MCU Cosmic did also say that doing Deadpool 3 was the most likely option Marvel would take, and Wardell’s intel would presumably corroborate that. Whatever road they head down for Deadpool, though, it sounds like Drew Goddard’s X-Force might be off the table, as we’ve yet to hear anything concrete about Marvel reigniting that particular project.