Deadpool Will Reportedly Be Getting A Big Upgrade In The MCU


The prolonged gap between the third and fourth Phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies has left fans’ biggest questions unanswered. For instance, it’s been over a year since Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox and superhero diehards can still only speculate as to when they’ll see a new Deadpool film and how the Merc With a Mouth will fit into the comparatively kid-friendly MCU.

While we sadly don’t have the privilege of knowing the answers to these questions ourselves, we can at least offer some information as to what’ll purportedly happen to Wade Wilson at some point down the road. And it’s something that should make comic book readers very happy.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Ryan Reynolds had a secret cameo in Hobbs & Shaw and a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max, both of which were correct – say that everyone’s favorite Weapon X ex-pat will be granted a major power-up during his next outing courtesy of Marvel Comics’ Lady Death (not to be confused with Image Comics’ Lady Death, because superhero comics are pretty crazy like that). Reportedly, she’ll be giving Wade enhanced powers as she has the hots for him. So, expect DP to be getting a little upgrade soon.

Of course, those familiar with the source material will know that Deadpool’s (literal) flirting with Death has led to some of the character’s most memorable moments, like entering a love-triangle with Thanos, who cursed Wade with immortality so that he could keep him apart from Death forever. We probably shouldn’t reveal much more about that storyline to avoid spoilers, but let’s just say that if it is indeed being adapted for an upcoming film, then we’re in for a treat.

That being said, Marvel often doesn’t stick exactly to the source material when it comes to the MCU, so it’s unclear yet how this will all play out. All we know for certain is that the Merc will be getting a bit of a boost in his speed, strength, etc., courtesy of Lady Death. And given that we know Thanos is going to be gunning for Deadpool at some point, he’ll certainly need all the help he can get.