Deadpool Will Reportedly Make Fun Of Tom Holland In The MCU

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland have struck up quite the friendship after the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man revealed that he was planning on giving up alcohol until the Deadpool star sent him an entire case of Aviation Gin. And with any luck, the bond between the two will hopefully come in handy at some point in the not too distant future, with a team-up between the web-slinger and the Merc with a Mouth something that fans have always wanted to see on the big screen.

Of course, there’s the minor issue that Deadpool 3 hasn’t seen any sort of forward momentum for almost a year after Reynolds confirmed that the character’s MCU debut was officially in active development, and that’s without even mentioning the looming shadow of Sony in the background. Their sharing agreement with Marvel Studios over Spider-Man has reaped huge rewards so far, but if the SPUoMC really begins to flourish, then it can’t be ruled out that Sony could take their ball and go home like they almost did last summer.

We still don’t know anything concrete about Deadpool 3 other than the fact that it’ll star Ryan Reynolds, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that in keeping with the assassin’s self-aware and irreverent nature, he’ll pick on his co-stars by mocking the actors themselves and not just the superheroes they play in the franchise.

In fact, according to the tipster, one of the people that Deadpool is set to pick on is Tom Holland and he’ll make several jokes at the star’s expense. That’s certainly in keeping with Wade Wilson’s established persona, but breaking that particular fourth wall and separating actor from character might be a little too meta for Kevin Feige’s liking.