Deadpool Will Reportedly Be The Only One Who Knows He’s Been Rebooted In The MCU

Deadpool 2

When Disney finally completed their protracted takeover of Fox, comic book fans were overjoyed that Marvel Studios were in possession of the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. As well as further strengthening the MCU’s roster of heroes, there was also renewed hope that the characters would be done justice after both Dark Phoenix and Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four tanked at the box office following dismal reviews.

However, Deadpool was the obvious elephant in the room, with many wondering how a staunchly R-rated character that’s fully aware they’re the star of a superhero movie would fit into the established mythology that Kevin Feige had meticulously laid out for the franchise over the course of a decade. There’s already been plenty of speculation about how the Merc with a Mouth could potentially be integrated into the MCU, and now we’ve heard that Marvel may have stumbled upon a genius way of doing so.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us about the Percy Jackson Disney Plus series and Captain Pike Star Trek spinoff months before they were announced – Wade Wilson will indeed remember the events of the previous two movies that happened under the Fox banner. However, he’ll be the only person in Deadpool 3 that knows he’s the subject of a reboot by a different studio.

This will reportedly lead to him trying to track down the likes of Domino, Cable and other characters from the previous pics to see if they exist in the MCU as well, and he’ll need to meet them all again for the first time when he does because they’ll have no idea who he is. Of course, plans can always change as the project progresses through development, but that’s about as smart an idea as Marvel could hope to come up with for the hotly-anticipated Deadpool 3.

After all, the studio would be foolish not to acknowledge that Ryan Reynolds has already played this character twice before in a franchise that’s earned over $1.5 billion at the box office, but they don’t exactly want to pick up from where the Fox movies left off. So, having the fourth wall-breaking title hero as the only person aware that he’s being rebooted under new ownership instantly overcomes several of the obstacles facing Deadpool 3, while also wiping the slate clean for his MCU debut.