Deadpool Will Reportedly Join The Avengers When He Enters The MCU


From everything we’ve heard, it sounds like the Merc with a Mouth will be making a huge splash when he finally enters the MCU. But now we’ve got even bigger news about Ryan Reynolds’ foul-faced superhero that’ll surely brighten your day.

A source close to We Got This Covered has informed us that when Deadpool finally completes his crossover from Fox to Marvel, he’ll be joining the Avengers on their next adventure. So that means whenever Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, and whoever else is still around decide to assemble again, Deadpool’ll be alongside them.

This news comes hot on the heels of previous reports we’ve seen about the Merc in the MCU, including one that suggested Wade Wilson will be teaming up with Peter Parker in Spider Man 3. And even though details are obviously slim at this time, it’s looking like the Avengers’ll be one of the many franchises that DP will cameo and co-star in.

Now, if you’re like me, a major area of concern’s the way Deadpool will be portrayed at the House of Mouse. Will the breath of fresh air from the hero’s political incorrectness be swept away just a few years after it started? Well, fortunately, it isn’t sounding like Disney’s planning on changing too much when it comes to their approach to the character. Apparently, Deadpool’ll still be wild and whacky. And yes, he’ll still be breaking the fourth wall.

But with that said, we don’t know what Marvel’s plans are for their new lineup of heroes. While we may be getting the same basic outline of the red-suited degenerate, he’ll probably be different to some extent. Perhaps in the way he was different in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, even though he was played by Reynolds.

Tell us though, what do you want Deadpool to be in the MCU? Do you want the same Merc we’ve come to love the last few years, or is this deal with Disney an opportunity for him to go in a new direction? Chew on that question in the comments section below.